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Mala Making Workshop with Stephanie Potts Rink of Indie Rockin' Jewelry

Meets Friday April 7th from 8-10PM

$68 tuition covers all materials

Ages 18+

Call 631-744-4001 to register

Please join us for a Mala making workshop where you will create your own string of 108 beads and learn the history of Japa Mala. Learn how to use this ancient tool in meditation along with the use of Mantras. Beautiful beads of spiritual quality will be provided to design your own piece. Choose your gemstones for their healing properties to enhance your own personal practice. You will then explore the therapeutic energy and your creative spirit by making your very own mala beads and infusing them with the power of your intention!

Mala is a Sankrit word meaning garland, Japa meaning recitation of mantra or prayer. Together the words translate to “Prayer beads for Meditation”. Japa Mala is an ancient tool developed to keep the mind focused during the practice of meditation. A Mantra is a word or series of words chanted aloud or silently to invoke spiritual qualities. In the yogic tradition a mantra is a Sankrit word that has special powers to transform consciousness, promote healing or fulfill desires.

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Wire Wrapped Crystals with Susan LaSorsa and Susan Ferro

Meets Friday March 24th from 8-10PM

$35 tuition covers all

Ages 18+

Call 744-4001 to register. Spaces are limited

Create your own unique, wire wrapped beautiful necklace, choosing a crystal from a variety of different colors and shapes! 
All supplies will be provided along with a demonstration to teach and guide you in creating your pendant, along with learning the meaning of your crystal. You can wear your pendant home, or make one to give as a gift for the Holidays! A Crystal Pendant is a beautiful and thoughtful gift created by you with love.