Bohemian Painting Course with Lauren Belcastro

Starting Tuesday July 11

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‚ÄčNo Mud No Lotus Ceramic and Meditation Workshop With Lauren Belcastro
Two Sundays: August 6th and 13th from 6-8pm; $100 for both sessions, 

Lotus flowers are symbols of new beginnings, and rising out of dark times because they grow from deep thick mud at the bottom of ponds and lakes. In fact, they need this mud in order to survive. Although their beginnings and roots are thick and dark they rise from the water as brilliant and beautiful pink creations. This symbolizes our own ability to use the challenges and wounds in our lives as a way to grow more fully into our highest potential. 

This workshop will begin with a discussion about the history, symbolism, and meaning of the lotus flower. Next, Lauren Belcastro will lead a guided meditation about transmuting the "mud" in our lives into love, 

Afterwards participants will hand build lotuses out of clay or "mud" with instruction and guidance so they can literally make the "mud" that they carry with them into something beautiful. These pieces will be "burned" in the kiln so they become ceramic; this firing process will "purify" any negativity only leaving the positive, loving intent behind their creation. 

The second session will be for glazing the ceramic lotus flower pieces so they become beautiful art and daily reminders of our ability to use the mud in our lives as a way to uncover our wild beauty. 

This workshop is a way to release any negativity or strife that you carry with you in your life and is meant to help you come back to your dynamic, powerful, unstoppable brilliance.

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